Puppeteer : Control 


What does a puppet master do? In the witch universe, there is a character who hunters Chelsea. There is a doll house in which he lives. Yes, do not confuse with the jester, the jester does not live in a doll house. So in this game you have to fill the doll house with a life dolls

If you played in the Theater-Museum, you remember the psychiatric hospital, there, if you read the case history, there was a mention of a puppet master. So, in this short game, you will find out where it came from.

The seller of nightmares is the guide to the Creepy Sublunar world. The sublunar world distorts nature and also leads to the lunar world and not only world

So you can fill a house in the sublunar world with six dolls. And if it’s interesting, then maybe we’ll place more dollhouses with different eras and characters

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