In the remotest galaxy, in the dystopian Medusa nebula, the colonies lose contact with the empire. After discovering that the source of the interference is the mysterious planet Pandora, the techno-magi send Sergeant Dripley to restore communication with the empire.

A game only for adults with elements of adventure and science fiction

To restore communication in the star system, it is necessary to set up a beacon on Pandora. The starship Astra departed on the mission, led by Sergeant Dripley.  The goal is to explore the planet Pandora, find a way to reconnect with the empire and try to collect information about the planet.

You will be given the choice to establish cordial neighborly relations with all factions by engaging in popular diplomacy or to fulfill the goals of the empire without regard to the consequences. The choice is always yours.

In this adventure, you will have to solve puzzles and riddles about the planet to reach your goal. You can get acquainted with the inhabitants of the planet and try to help them by performing simple tasks by searching for items and solving puzzles. But you always have the choice to forget all about morality and use the tried-and-true easy way to complete the game. As with all of our games, there is always a choice.

The adult part of the game is only one component, not a mandatory choice. It all depends on what you choose. After landing on Pandora, you will face the various factions that inhabit the planet and are in a mortal struggle with one another. Use them to your advantage or agree to get dragged into their conflict

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