Chelsea’s aunt Agnete has been caught between realms. Her mysterious disappearance from the human world has set off a whirlwind journey that will ultimately culminate in Chelsea vanishing as well. The World between Worlds, a space that some mistakenly confuse with Limbo or Purgatory, is actually covered in cracks, where beings fall in from different planes of existence. You can arrive here from anywhere: from the Moon Realm, Hell, Heaven, and the human world.

This space also reflects other worlds and has its own net of tunnels, but Agnete cannot use them to escape, as she is a ghost. The blood of someone related to her is the only thing that can set her free. So Agnete performs a ritual to summon Jack, the Candle Daemon.

Candle Daemon is a 2D side scrolling adventure game with action RPG elements. You will be playing as Jack, and your task is to collect Agnete’s 9 arcana to open the gate into the world of the Jester. The arcana are hidden in different parts of the World between Worlds, and in order to locate them, Jack will have to visit all corners of this realm and fight against its twisted inhabitants.

You will also gain access to a tower in the Z’ha’dum Fortress, from where you will be able to travel through the World between Worlds with the help of interconnected portals.

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