Iron Disco


A parody of 80s’ action films. The game is set on a tropical island. Captain Juan and Dr. Lee challenge the Dark Lord and plan to take over the planet with their army of soldiers, zombies, robots, and creepy monsters.
Two of the best fighters, Captain Lika and Sergeant Dripley, are sent to the rebellious island. They must put down the rebellion or die trying. Destroy Dr. Lee’s lab and Captain Juan’s army
As you progress through the main game, you will unlock extra levels of a minigame
Iron Disco is an adult only video game for true servants of the darkness

A synthwave action video game
Atmosphere in the 80s style
An extra minigame
Erotic video clips
Released on November 5

  • For one player
  • Co-op (shared / split screen)
  • Steam Achievements
  • Controller (fully)
  • Steam Cloud
  • Remote Play on TV
  • Remote play together
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