I want to present you the game «The Dawn of the Debauchery». It’s a bright Beat ‘Em Up platformer, which takes place in the parody sci-fi universe. You have to blow save the planet Priapus from the poor evil orcs whose ships had destroyed the earthly empire’s forces and engaged in looting and debauchery on this unhappy planet for more than 10 years! You will take a trip around the suburbs of the once mighty city Pompeus, visit the jungle and the ancient artifacts’ excavations of the «Great Sleepers», decend into thesewers, survive the planetary bombardment, look in the planetary library as well as in many other ordinary interesting places. The main protagonist of this game is Sister Dripply, who relates to membership in the Order «Rose of War». She is an only person who has to look for trouble and cut a path to victory armed with a sword, a bolter, an orc cutter,a heavy machine gun, a flamethrower and a hand saw. The part of the ammunition will be carried by the loyal scull created for a joke as powerful and reliable retribution machine by mad scientists.

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