Empire Master Enginee

The Imperial Botanists

They have always existed, but the more humanity forgot the multiplication table, the more they provoked hatred, and so by the end...
Hermaeus mora

Herus Mohr

It is a result of the crossing of pansies, a CD with the game Skyrim and other alien wildlife. Production date is...
orc bibon

Orc Bibon

Since childhood he've followed his own path. If he was not given a toy, he tried to take it away, but being...

The Commissioner

He was born in 4800 year AE (note - after Empress). He always dreamed of working as a PR manager, but because...

Sister Dripply

The date of birth is unknown. The origin is unknown. Guardsmen found her on a deserted barge drifting near the planet LV-426....

The Dawn of the Debauchery

I want to present you the game "The Dawn of the Debauchery". It's a bright Beat 'Em Up platformer, which takes place...