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The first chapter!
SexJack is the card player Max’s adventures who meets whore Donna in the difficult time of his life. They quickly understand each other and soon they find the way to achieve their mutual goal together. The basic play process are based on the blackjack play which has an adult composition and other surprises. Today beta version of the first chapter is available to you with open test. The chapter includes of the ten days and the one basic task. Overall there’s plan to create three chapters to add more visiting places, girls, hot scenes and possibility for building your own empire in the town.
SEXJACK Characters
Max is a bad gambler. He’s more than thirty years old, but he does not have job except for card plays. He always is in debt. Step by step Max became unwary to take Mr. Gabriel’s money. Now Max’s life is hanging by a thread. While he is on edge, he meets Donna.

Donna is a prostitute. While she is young, she takes everything from her life. Donna has strong ass and elastic breasts and it is her main weapon. After meeting Max she opens for herself the new perspectives.
Bob – “In the beginning beat, then ask”. This slogan became Bob’s when he had got a job to Gabriel. Bob is a goon of the indeterminate age, he responsibly fulfills every boss order.

Fox is a waiter in a bar. She is very amorous and Max use it for his own purposes. Foxs life cardinally changes.  
Mr. Gabriel is a boss, town mafia’s godfather. Hes very enterprising and hard man. Unfortunately Max borrowed money from exactly him.

Storyteller, collector, hidden evil, whose purposes and tasks are enigma . It’s only exactly clean that he is fond of earthbound women.
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